to-do list app available on Android, & now iPhone and Chrome browser

Any.DO To Do List | Task List is a very popular, free to-do list app for Android and it has just been released for iPhone and the Chrome browser. It is simple to use and navigate and you can organize your tasks by date or folder and sort them by dragging and dropping them. It includes gesture based features (similar to webOS) and you can mark tasks as high priority.

The Android and iOS versions are very similar to each other with the Chrome version having less features, but still very useful. It resides on the address bar and opens on top of the current window instead of in a new tap. It can also open into it's own always-open window.

What's nice about is that your task list is synced across all of the versions, from the Chrome app to the Android and iOS versions so you can access your task list from any device.

This is a great app for students, teachers and administrators to use to keep organized.


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